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Am a “Yank”. I have been traveling since the wee early years. Born in Philadelphia, lived in Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Spain and rest of Europe and in numerous cities in the USA including SF, Brooklyn,NY, Williamsburg, CharlestonSC, and my home sweet home Portland Oregon. Travel with great wife, Margo Ann,  friends, and especially enjoy with the kids (Jen, Nick – both high powered adventurers, and Margo’s son Brad), and sometimes their pals too. Sailing with buddy Rich through the Croatian Dalmatian coast in 2015 marked my 80th country. We do all our own arrangements using books and the internet. Love to park out in a good pub, and wake each morning with a kiss for Margo & a couple of latte’s in the center of town.

My favorite countries are Italy and India. 2016 travel so far includes a month in Norway going up to Gjesvaer Stappan Bird Reserve and lots of book signing trips around the West with Margo’s books on animals. Headed to Cozumel with Nick and M. for daughter Jenny’s 3rd Ironman Race.  Sill on the list are looking with Nick for “Greeve” ancestors in the Mountains of Mourne; going to the Galapagos & Amazonia; spending 3 or 4 weeks in Tami Nadu and the south of India; playing golf in Ireland with my golf buds; traveling up the Irrawaddy, and cruising around the Horn…  You can find some of our travel notes on Trip Advisor under the same moniker as here (gerrythetravelhund)

Like poetry, reading novels and history, hearing other people day by day travel, thinking about my kids, scuba diving, skiing but can’t anymore, hanging with Margo in art museums, sailing, planning trips, eating french food, eating italian food, drinking beer, drinking red wine, autumn colors, doing somersaults in the pool, playing golf, driving to Bach, Bob Dylan, like loud R&R concerts and grand opera, Paris is the center of civilization, New York is great, Kyoto is wonderful,

Pushkar Brahma Temple 2003

but Nikko is heaven.  I want to tell my grandkids about their grandparents but we don’t have any so will have to record for them.  Memories of Castiglione della Pescaia, Wengen, Victoria Falls, Luang Prabang, Siem Reap, 1967 in Bankok, Vietnam, Madurai, Belle Harbour, The Citadel, Grandmother’s Locket, Sandalwood boats on Dal Lake, Morroco, Intel, making movies, The Rock, Payette Lake, Venice Beach, Strasbourg Thanksgiving, Salzburg sleighrides.  I love old Andalusia and Flamenco singing especially Pericon de Cadiz; I did the “Search for Karla” for the 4th time and am currently finishing all Alan Furst spy stuff and a lot of Eric Ambler.  Am a Hanuman guy with a heavy love for Ganesha; Go Ducks Go Beavers Go Blazers!


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  1. I am soooo excited to follow this,Gerbo !!


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