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The 20 Most Beautiful Buildings in the World?

Jenny and Brett are thinking about taking a trip next year and I recommended Bangkok as a tremendously interesting and exciting place with a significantly different culture.  And I added that it has the most beautiful building I have ever seen.  That would be the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Phra Kaew.   I decided to think about other nominations which I might make and reached the conclusion that, for my taste, it is the pinnacle.

I would appreciate any inputs. I don’t want to bore you with my photos but I will include a few details.  The temple is a complex so it is impossible to get a photo that captures it all unless you were in a balloon.

Some of the roofs – polychrome tiles








surrounded by offerings:





the main spire

With the McKinnon’s. I have been here about 8 times since 1967 – cool




Others on my list of nominations for the most beautiful, without regard to scale or type were:

The Taj Mahal

Haw Pha Bang Temple, Luang Prabang

Temple Luang Prabang







The Pantheon

Siena Town Hall

Stakna Monastery, Ladakh

Stakna on the Indus River







Siena Duomo

Doges Palace

Prince of Wales Hotel, Alberta

Falling Waters

Chateau Chenonceau

Church of the Savior on Sacred Blood








Wieskirche, near Steingarten, Germany

Todaiji wooden temple, Nara

Tokaiji Nara

Sant’Andrea al Quirinale

The Alhambra

Fatapursikri, Rajasthan






Hagai Sophia

Sydney Opera House

Sainte Chapelle

I am sure some may disagree in a list of some 20 buildings.  And there are many magnificent buildings I have not seen but these are all worth a trip.



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