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Pleiku Road – my jeep

I was in the 2nd Transportation Company, 27th Trans. Battalion.  This was the first transportation company to go to Vietnam. It had left from Fort Eustis, Virginia, where I had lived during high school.  It landed on the beach in Qui Nhon, II Corps, Binh Dinh province

My gun jeep looked kind of like this one, except we usually had sand bags on the windshield if it wasn’t raining and this shows a 50 caliber.  Mine had an M-60 machine gun (7.62mm) mounted on a steel welded fence post frame with a swivel gun mount frame. The frame had welded to its side a cartridge case for the belts.  My gunner was a Spec-3 and he could swing 360 degrees shooting right above my head.

I carried a fully automatic M-14, also 7.62mm, with a submachine gun stock; also an M-79 grenade launcher and a Colt 45 (1911 of course).  My driver, also a Spec-3, had a 12 gauge shotgun and a .45.  We had about 500 rounds and a big siren at my fender.  Occasionally we carried a Thompson submachine gun and once a .45 WW2 grease gun.





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