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Favorite Paintings – Hiroshi Yoshida, The Shrines at Nikko

Hiroshi Yoshida was a Japanese wood block artist and print maker; born 1876 and died in 1950.  He was one of the first of the old school who traveled outside of Japan to see and record the world in that famous technique.

These are 2 prints my mom purchased when we lived in Yokohama as my dad was part of the occupying army.  They hung in our dining room the whole time we were growing up and so I looked at them every day.

They are 2 different views of the famous shrines in Nikko – about a 3 hour train ride north of Tokyo.  You can go up there on a day trip.  Jenny and I did this during our joint trip to Japan towards the end of her college years.

Once when my mother was still alive and I was visiting her in Menlo Park I asked her if I could have them.  She said of course.  and then she said..”you know, I think there may be some more out in a footlocker in the garage”.  astounded I went out and dug through their old WW2 lockers and way down in the bottom of one were 3 other prints.  I also later got one (of Udaipur India)from my Uncle Ad & Aunt Helen Roth- mom had brought one back for them.  And our Davaney cousins in Chicago have another one also.  Margo and I have bought other woodblock prints in Japan – they are a reasonably priced way to acquire fantastic pieces.

His sons are now famous artists in their own right.


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