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Favorite Paintings part 1

One of the wonderful things about my marriage to Margo Ann is that her passion for art has meshed with my passion for travel.  It did not take me long to slip into her ceaseless  explorations of galleries and museums where ever we travel.  In one frozen November day in Paris, on the way for Thanksgiving dinner with Jenny at L’Auberge de l’iLL, we spent a whole day in just the French Painting section of the Louvre; never got into the Dutch, Italian or Spanish, let alone the statuary.

“The Wreck of the Medusa” by Gericault captured my imagination and  became probably my second most favorite painting.

My favorite painting, and one that introduced me to 19th Century American Landscape painting as well as the “Luminism” school was Frederick E Church’s “The Heart of the Andes”, painted in 1859.  Waynette and I bought an “original” hand colored engraving of it in a Saratoga antique store in 1975 – our first art purchase as a couple.

These were sold as souvenirs as the original was traipsed around the country in a tent showing.  So the print is probably at least 150 years old.  It occupies a place of honor in the NY Metropolitan and our guest room.



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