surfing the stardust

new year jan 2010

stumbled across these thouhgts from a couple of years ago:

I cannot or could not envision when I was young that I would live a life so interesting and exciting as I have led.

But in the grand scheme of things life, while full of the grand complexity of the universe, has for my friends and me seemed to resolve itself into the drive for a good, cold beer and a bit of fun and games.

There are 2 things that have been consistent in my observation of my friends like Russ, and John, and Mike, and Frank, and  Tim Sweeney, and Pete Borelli, and Dan, and Greg, and  since I was 12 – we men love you women and we like to party.

In a sense “ we were young once..and never really grew old”

There has been one thing in my life that has made me most happy – that is unconditional love from 3 people: Nick, Jenny and Margo.

Beyond that I have at least once every day felt the cool wind or the warmth of the sun, or the moist touch of a spring rain on my face.

Rivers to love – Zambezi, Deschutes, Columbia from Lake Invermeer to the Cannery Pier Hotel,  Mekong, Roanoke, Warwick, James, roaring fork of the Clackamas, Moldau, Main,  Rio Pacuare, Salzach on Christmas morning…

Walks to cherish – down from the Chola pass with AmaDablam up above, the saddle of the ridge at Kleine Scheidigge, the park from Bellagio on the shore of Lake Como, from Cannon Beach to Haystack Rock and back, morning walk along the Atlantic at Nags Head NC., hike into Jefferson Park under Mt Jefferson, around the point in the medieval city of Spoleto…

the end of a road


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One thought on “new year jan 2010

  1. Love this story. Full of love!


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