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WHEN IN ROME: part #1

Greeve’s 6 hot tips for eats when in ROME..(suitable for kids and moms on a budget)…all but the last are in the old city within 10 minutes walk of the Piazza Navona

1) worlds best gelato..wonderful on a hot afternoon at 3 pm..if you don’t do anything else you must go here at least 3 times –SERIOUSLY!!!!!!..airconditioned inside or grab a cone and stroll:

Gelateria Giolitti Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma, Italy,+39 06 699 1243

2) believe it or not GREAT pasta! with a name like this its got to be good .. simple fare and not glamourous but good good:

Maccheroni Piazza delle Coppelle, 44, 00186 Roma, Italy, +39 06 6830 7895 ‎

3) the greatest chocolate covered icecream dessert in the universe: go to Piazza the tre scalini at Tre Scalini..expensive BUT well worth it..there is a great fountain of the 4 rivers..Laura can use her geography skills to test Dad on which continent each river lies..ask about the story of Bernini (the sculpture of the fountain) and how he liked or didn’t like Borromini’s church…and how he expressed his opinion by carving a figure on the fountain (!!!)

Tre Scalini, Piazza Navona – can’t miss it..lunch dinners and evening desserts

4) a hidden square with two great bathtubs and eat wonderful simple food underneath a Michelangelo facade: go to Piazza Farnese admire the 2nd century celadon bathtubs and the palace that Michelangelo designed is through the market square Campo di Fiori (morning flower market) to Al Galletto (call for dinner reservations outside on the square) good chicken and lasagna. (by the way if over there in the morning Bar Farnese is not a bad cafe too on the Farnese square good croissants) … see if the crazy lady is taking a swim

Al Galletto Piazza Farnese, 102, 00186 Roma, Italy+39 06 686 1714

5) the worlds most expensive cappuchino but worth it because it is in the square in front of the Pantheon…get a table in the shade and let Jack figure out how they built it!!

6) finally….for my favorite view of the Roman roof tops have a lunch in the 19th century villa at Casina Valadier..up above the Piazza Popolo is a wonderful park for strolling in the shaded lanes..on the cliff is this restaurant..good food but a bit of a splurge but sit out on the decks and enjoy the view..perhaps a prosecco if at evening as the sun hits the gilded horses. Then walk down the park to the Spanish Steps and decend back to the hustle and bustle of the best town in Europe..

Casina Valadier Piazza Bucarest, 00187 Roma, Italy +39 06 6992 2090


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